Thursday, March 19, 2009

The continuity of Malay Youth leadership

I agree on what sakmongkol said. Read more here.

One thing is there is no place for anyone in the party if they wanted to use it as a platform to make money. Members who were not sincere in serving the party but wanted to use it for their personal gains, should leave.

The party only wants members who are committed in serving the party and community. And members must even be willing to sacrifice their personal needs if this could help the party prosper.

But if you want to make money, then you can go into business. This is not the place for you.

If the members used the party for their personal gains, outsiders would no longer respect it and this would tarnish the party's reputation.

We must maintain what our former and present party leaders have done and are doing.

I believe KJ's as the Umno Youth vice-chief sacrificed much to bring the party wings to where it is today. .

Myself was learn that KJ also believe that 'a small mistake by a few people' in 2008, cause grave repercussions to his image.

I am very glad to know that under the leadership of Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and KJ, the Youth wing has solved many youth problems through proper channels.

KJ is, after all, a politician.

I remember that at one time former Umno President, Tun Mahathir said those bidding for party posts should be judged on their own merits more than anything else. That means the most important things was for them to be judged on merit.

Rightfully, they should make their bids based on their credibility. Nobody's perfect ... even Umno is not perfect..

Based on this remarks, I believe that KJ had more crediblity then the other two incumbent. And he offered himselves for election because he genuinely wanted to serve. On the other hand, some people want to be leaders because they want to get something out of it.

KJ's had served the party for a long time and was now keen and ready to take up a more challenging position. He's offering himselves not to weaken the party wings, but to strengthen it give support to Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

It is now up to members whether the Umno youth representatives should nominate him.

More importantly, the State representatives must put aside the Umno disciplinary board decision on him because the offences committed by KJ agents were less serious compared with those committed by Ali Rustam agents.

Don't be confuse because in the case of KJ's there was no link that showed that he had given consent to his agents’ actions and that the nexus linking him to his agent was weak although he could not be deemed altogether innocent of the offence.

With his reeducated and a strong experienced background, I believe that KJ's was capable of leading the party youth wing at the national level.

Take it with an openminded.

He who possess such qualities could ensure the continuity of Malay Youth leadership and protect the interests of the Malays. For Umno members especially youth, we should mobilise those who are educated and experienced to lead the nation and ensure continuity.

We don't want a situation where the Malays lose interest in the party because Umno and its leaders can no longer lead by example. When this happens, we will lose their support and Umno will become weak.

What we want is for the members to make their own evaluation on the best choice.

By Hard-T

Sabtu, 2009 April 11

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