Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mukhriz, stop hiding behind papa's 'kain sarung'


The hottest topic in town now is the coming Umno party elections, of course. Among those jostling for power, I can't help but to poke fun at Mukhriz Mahathir over his latest statement on a public debate.

I quote his reasons for declining to debate with Khairy Jamaluddin and other contenders for the Umno Youth chief post.

‘Contesting for posts in a party is an internal matter. This is like a family contest, therefore it is not necessary to draw external attention. Furthermore a public debate will only undermine efforts to strengthen the party especially if the issues brought up are sensationalised by the opposition’.

Dear Mukhriz Mahathir, this is very disappointing (although predictable) coming from you, the senior old man's son.

1. On your claim that ‘Contesting for posts in a party is an internal matter’.

Umno is the biggest party in this country. Umno elections are definitely not an internal matter as whatever the outcome, it will greatly affect this country. You are running for the Umno Youth chief post and in future you may even be the prime minister of this country (damn!).

What is more important is for the people to see how articulate and knowledgeable you are and whether you are fit for the position? For example, Najib Abdul Razak was the Umno Youth chief in 1988 and he is going to be the next prime minister!

Every time Umno sneezes, the country catches a flu. You are not that ignorant, right?

2. Your claim that: ‘A public debate will only undermine efforts to strengthen the party especially if the issues brought up are sensationalised by the opposition.’

Oh, please. This is not very mature of you, invoking the opposition's name in vain at every opportunity. Surprisingly, I can understand your logic actually, since your father also came up with such logic - contesting for top posts in the party will undermine the unity of the party, he once said.

Only Umno people will come up with such logic but we cannot blame them. What you can say if they think their 'power transition plan' is the most democratic practice in the world?

How can you be a leader if you are afraid to say something for fear that the opposition could spin you out of context? Not good leader material, are you? A public debate is good for the people to know what you stand for, how you perceive issues, how you articulate your ideas and address the public generally.

If you cannot communicate openly and clearly, then what good are you? If you have problems getting your views and opinions out across in the open, what good are you actually for? Perhaps you are not learned enough, and you are afraid your ignorance will fail you when it comes to the subject matters.

Show some guts Mukhriz, stop hiding behind papa's kain sarung. You are in the race because the old man is pulling the strings. It is time to show that you are your own man who has got substance and has got what it takes.

Wait, probably the old man advised you not to accept the challenge to debate, especially when it came from Khairy J, that smooth talker. Hmm, wait, now that I think of it, it is a smart move.

You are the leading front runner so why not let the other two whack each other silly and expose their weakness - self-destruct. Damn, the old man must be behind this!

It is funny how the old man is following the steps of his arch-nemesis across the causeway - playing minister mentor and being mentor to the son. How ironic.

And here’s another quote from an Umno minister: ‘Speaking up is already there but to me, Umno has not fully matured. We have not reached that stage yet. If we want to hold debates, we must be ready to face the risk’.

Fifty years and not fully matured? Now you know the answer why this beautiful country is going down the drain and is in such bad shape. And this applies to the component parties as well.

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